ScontornatoMoto Guzzi “Nuovo Falcone


The FALCONE 500 was built in 1950 and its sturdiness, simplicity,

and low fuel consumption soon imposed themselves to the attention of Army

and Police Departments. The thousands of units which followed the prototypes

confirmed  the suitability of this model for these special services.


The new FALCONE 500 cc. is the outcome of this long experience

and  the basic specifications  of the old model has been considerably

improved  by the use of the most up-to-date technical methods.

The above qualities combined with an excellent performance,

easy handling and low maintenance costs make nowadays the new

FALCONE an ideal vehicle for a wide range of services including

escort  duties, highway patrolling and town traffic enforcement.

(Guzzi’s brochure 1969/70)